d630: SpaCy 2.0 released (Natural Language Processing with Python)

SpaCy 2.0 released (Natural Language Processing with Python) – read more | reddit discussion

“We’re very excited to finally introduce spaCy v2.0. The new version gets spaCy up to date with the latest deep learning technologies and makes it much easier to run spaCy in scalable cloud computing workflows. We’ve fixed over 60 bugs (every open bug!), including several long-standing issues, trained 13 neural network models for 7+ languages and added alpha tokenization support for 8 new languages. We also re-wrote almost all of the usage guides, API docs and code examples.”

v2.0.0: Neural networks, 13 new models for 7+ languages, better training, custom pipelines, Pickle & lots of API improvements

Source code (zip)

SpaCy evaluation table:

SpaCy evaluation table