d605: Natural Language Processing Tasks and Selected References

Natural Language Processing Tasks and Selected References, comprehensive set of links: https://github.com/Kyubyong/nlp_tasks

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing Tasks and Selected References

I’ve been working on several natural language processing tasks for a long time. One day, I felt like drawing a map of the NLP field where I earn a living. I’m sure I’m not the only person who wants to see at a glance which tasks are in NLP.

I did my best to cover as many as possible tasks in NLP, but admittedly this is far from exhaustive purely due to my lack of knowledge. And selected references are biased towards recent deep learning accomplishments. I expect these serve as a starting point when you’re about to dig into the task. I’ll keep updating this repo myself, but what I really hope is you collaborate on this work. Don’t hesitate to send me a pull request!

Oct. 13, 2017.
by Kyubyong

Reviewed and updated by YJ Choe on Oct. 18, 2017.

Anaphora Resolution

Automated Essay Scoring

Automatic Speech Recognition

Automatic Summarisation

Coreference Resolution

Entity Linking

Grammatical Error Correction

Grapheme To Phoneme Conversion

Humor and Sarcasm Detection

Language Grounding

Language Guessing

Language Identification

Language Modeling

Language Recognition



Machine Translation

Morphological Inflection Generation

Named Entity Disambiguation

Named Entity Recognition

Paraphrase Detection

Paraphrase Generation


Part-of-speech Tagging

Pinyin-To-Chinese Conversion

Question Answering

Relationship Extraction

Semantic Role Labeling

Sentence Boundary Disambiguation

Sentiment Analysis

Singing Voice Synthesis

Social Science Applications

Source Separation

Speaker Authentication

Speaker Diarisation

Speaker Recognition

Speech Reading

Speech Recognition

Speech Segmentation

Speech Synthesis

Speech Enhancement


Spoken Term Detection


Term Extraction

Text Similarity

Text Simplification


Textual Entailment


Voice Conversion

Voice Recognition

Word Embeddings

Word Prediction

Word Segmentation

Word Sense Disambiguation