d537: CUDA 9

CUDA 9 Features Revealed: Volta, Cooperative Groups and more: https://devblogs.nvidia.com/parallelforall/cuda-9-features-revealed

At the 2017 GPU Technology Conference NVIDIA announced CUDA 9, the latest version of CUDA’s powerful parallel computing platform and programming model. In this post I’ll provide an overview of the awesome new features of CUDA 9.

  • Support for the Volta GPU architecture, including the new Tesla V100 accelerator;
  • Cooperative Groups, a new programming model for managing groups of communicating threads;
  • A new API (preview feature) for programming Tensor Core matrix multiply and accumulate operations on Tesla V100.
  • Faster library routines for linear algebra, image processing, FFTs, and more;
  • New algorithms in cuSolver and nvGraph
  • New NVIDIA Visual Profiler support for Volta V100 as well as improved Unified Memory profiling features;
  • Improved compiler performance;
  • Support for C++14 in CUDA device code;
  • Expanded developer platform and host compiler support including Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, clang 3.9, PGI 17.1 and GCC 6.x;

Cuda 9