d508: Source code for “Self Driving Car on Raspberry Pi 3”

Source code for “Self Driving Car on Raspberry Pi 3”: https://ogma.ai/2017/07/source-code-for-self-driving-car-learns-online-and-on-board-on-raspberry-pi-3/

Self Driving Car on Raspberry Pi

EOgmaNeo – the primary library containing our super-fast online learning technology!

EOgmaDrive – a description of our self-driving car physical implementations, with all the source code for the Raspberry Pi SDC and Arduino interfaces.

OgmaDrive – a simulator used for developing our self-driving technology, made with Unity3D. Don’t have a physical car? Try out the simulator!

NeoVis – a visualizer for EOgmaNeo hierarchies. A useful tool for debugging!

Furthermore, our original GPU-powered library (which EOgmaNeo is the successor to) has some updaреезыЖ..пшееукюшь.щпьфтущ.Дщиинtes. Find it here: OgmaNeo

Gitter channel: https://gitter.im/ogmaneo/Lobby