d449: Deformable ConvNets Source Code

Deformable ConvNets Source Code: https://github.com/msracver/Deformable-ConvNets

This is an official implementation for Deformable Convolutional Networks (Deformable ConvNets). It is worth noticing that:

  • The original implementation is based on our internal Caffe version on Windows. There are slight differences in the final accuracy and running time due to the plenty details in platform switch.
  • The code is tested on official MXNet@(commit 62ecb60) with the extra operators for Deformable ConvNets.
  • We trained our model based on the ImageNet pre-trained ResNet-v1-101 using a model converter. The converted model produces slightly lower accuracy (Top-1 Error on ImageNet val: 24.0% v.s. 23.6%).
  • By now it only contains Deformable ConvNets with R-FCN. Deformable ConvNets with DeepLab will be released soon.
  • This repository used code from MXNet rcnn example and mx-rfcn.

Deformable ConvNets is initially described in an arxiv tech report.

R-FCN is initially described in a NIPS 2016 paper.

Deformable ConvNets Source Code