d432: A 1-week extensive Deep Learning course by MIT

Extensive Deep Learning course by MIT: http://introtodeeplearning.com/index.html

Videos and slides: http://introtodeeplearning.com/schedule.html

Extensive Deep Learning course

A week-long intro to deep learning methods with applications to machine translation, image recognition, game playing, image generation and more. A collaborative course incorporating labs in TensorFlow and peer brainstorming along with lectures. Course concludes with project proposals with feedback from staff and panel of industry sponsors.

Some links  and resources:

Session Part 1 Part 2 Lab Additional Materials
1 State of Deep Learning in 2017 Slides –Video Deep Sequence Modelling Slides – Video Intro to TensorFlow I: Computation Graphs and MLPs Code Coming soon
2 Deep Computer Vision Slides Deep Generative Models Slides Intro to TensorFlow II: Language Modeling with LSTMs Code Coming soon
3 Multimodal Deep Learning Slides – Video Deep Reinforcement Learning Slides – Video Work time for paper reviews/project proposals Coming soon
4 Guest Lectures: Google Brain, NVIDIA Guest Lectures: IBM Watson, Amazon Alexa Work time for paper reviews/project proposals + Sponsor Booths Coming soon
5 Project Proposal Presentations Project Proposal Presentations Proposal Judging Post-Class Reception