d400: Python Data Analytics videos by the SemiColon

The SemiColon Python Data Analytics, video: https://www.youtube.com/c/thesemicolon

The SemiColon Python Data Analytics, source code: https://github.com/shreyans29/thesemicolon

Python for Data Analytics

  1. Learn Python in 10 Minutes
  2. Numpy and Matplotlib Tutorial
  3. Pandas tutorial
  4. Sklearn linear regression
  5. Sklearn Random Forest Classifier
  6. Machine Learning with Text Count Vectorizer
  7. Machine Learning with Text TF- IDF
  8. Live Sentiment Analysis
  9. Perceptron And Gradient Descent
  10. Neural Networks and Backpropogation Algorithm

Deep Learning with Keras

  1. Convolutional Neural Networks with Keras
  2. Word2vec implementation in gensim
  3. Simple LSTM implementation with Keras


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