d390: Machine Learning Misinformation

Interesting article by Paul Soulos – “Machine Learning Misinformation”: http://paulsoulos.com/editorial/2017/03/07/machine-learning-and-misinformation.html

Machine Learning and Misinformation

“With the ease of creation that machine learning brings to content generation, it will be easier than ever to effectively communicate. The question that underlies new technology is whether people will use it for benevolent or malicious behavior. We explored the benefits and dangers that machine learning brings in the evolving media landscape. It is naive to create these tools without considering the disastrous impact they can have. Members across technology, academia, and news must begin discussing how to navigate this new landscape. Cooperation is necessary to defend society from the perverse agenda of those determined to hijack reality.”

Read full article here: http://paulsoulos.com/editorial/2017/03/07/machine-learning-and-misinformation.html

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