d333: TensorFlow 1.0.0-alpha

TensorFlow 1.0.0-alpha just released.

Major Features and Improvements in TensorFlow 1.0.0-alpha:

  • TensorFlow Debugger (tfdbg): command-line interface and API.
  • New python 3 docker images added.
  • Made pip packages pypi compliant. TensorFlow can now be installed by pip install tensorflow command.
  • Android: person detection + tracking demo implementing Scalable Object Detection using Deep Neural Networks.
  • Android: pre-built libs are now built nightly.
  • New (experimental) Java API.
  • TensorFlow/models have been moved to a separate github repository.
  • tf.mul, tf.sub and tf.neg are deprecated in favor of tf.multiply, tf.subtract and tf.negative

TensorFlow 1.0.0-alpha source code:

TensorFlow 1.0.0-alpha