d221: Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition [Projects]



  • DeepPaint: A Tool For Image Inpainting
    Suleman Kazi, Kushagr Gupta, Terry Kong
  • Attentional Scene Classification with Human Eye Movements
    Alex Kuefler
  • Multi-View 3D Pose Estimation from Single Depth Images
    Boya Peng, Zelun Luo
  • Supporting humanitarian mapping with deep learning
    Lars Roemheld
  • Image Colorization with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
    Jeff Hwang, You Zhou
  • The Game Imitation: A Portable Deep Learning Model for Modern Gaming AI
    Zhao Chen, Darvin Yi
  • Stochastic Video Prediction with Deep Conditional Generative Models
    Rui Shu
  • Detecting Diabetic Retinopathy
    Tanner Gilligan, Marco Alban
  • Automatic atlas-based segmentation of NISSL stained mouse brain sections using convolutional neural network
    Jing Xiong, Feiran Wang, Jian Zhang
  • Pose Estimation on Depth Images with Convolutional Neural Network
    Jingwei Huang
  • Deep Q-Learning for PAC-MAN
    Bernardo Ramos, Kushal Ranjan, Amelia Christensen
  • Recognizing Handwritten Characters
    Lisa Yan
    Automated Image Timestamp Inference using Convolutional Neural Networks
    Prafull Sharma, Michel Shoemaker, David Pan
  • Show, Divide and Neural: Weighted Neural Style Transfer
    Rishabh Bhargava, Ethan Chan
  • Neural Fill
    Russell Kaplan, Christopher Sauer, Alexander Lin
  • Neural Diary: Forming Compressed Visual Stories in Real-Time
    Edward Lee
  • Model-Based Reinforcement Learning for Playing Atari Games
    Irving Hsu, Justin Fu
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning for Simulated Autonomous Vehicle Control
    Raphael Palefsky-Smith, April Yu, Rishi Bedi
  • Cell Nucleus Tracking using Convolutional Neural Networks
    Anton Jackson-Smith
  • Optimizing Convolutional Networks
    Timothy Dozat
  • Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning
    Maxim Egorov
  • Now This is Pod Racing
    Alexander Dewing, Xiaonan Tong
  • Deep Learning of Spatial and Temporal Features for Automotive Prediction
    Tim Wheeler, Jeremy Morton
  • Complexity Beyond the Trigram: Identifying Sign Languages from Video
    Pamela Toman
  • Signature Verification with Convolutional Neural Networks
    Gabriel Alvarez, Blue Sheffer, Morgan Bryant
  • Loopy Neural Nets: Imitating Feedback Loops in the Human Brain
    Isaac Caswell, Lisa Wang, Chuanqi Shen
  • DeepFace: Face Generation using Deep Learning
    Hardie Cate, Fahim Dalvi, Zeshan Hussain
  • Pruning of Winograd and FFT Convolution Algorithm
    Xingyu Liu, Yatish Turakhia
  • Playing Super Hexagon with Convolutional Neural Networks
    Jason Lewis
  • Heirarchical Deep Convolutional Neural Networks: An Insect Classification Application
    Jeffrey Glick, Katarina Miller
  • Convolutional Neural Networks for Left Ventricle Volume Estimation
    Cheryl Danner, Carol Hsin
  • Automated Left Ventricle Segmentation in Cardiac MRIs with Convolutional Neural Networks
    Taman Narayan
  • SherlockNet: Exploring 100 Years of Western Book Illustrations
    Brian Do, Luda Zhao, Karen Wang
  • Automated Bone Age Assessment
    Matthew Chen
  • Ball-by-Ball Outcome Prediction for Cricket Matches
    Anusha Balakrishnan, Kalpit Dixit
  • Object Detection with Reduced Image Qualities
    Shiquan Wang, Hao Jiang
  • Pulmonary Nodule Classification with Convolutional Neural Networks
    Sheila Ramaswamy, Karen Truong
  • DeepVideo: Video Summarization using Temporal Sequence Modelling
    Juhi Amitkumar Naik
  • Deep Residual Learning for Direct Perception in Autonomous Driving
    Zuozhen Liu, Yixin Wang
  • Distilling Knowledge to Specialist ConvNets for Object Recognition with Clustered Classes
    Nathanael Romano, Robin Schucker
  • Measuring Cellular Semantic Distance with Siamese Neural Nets
    Morgan Paull
  • Hitting Depth: Investigating Robustness to Adversarial Examples in Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
    Mihail Eric, Chris Billovits, Nipun Agarwala
  • Using Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks on Magnetoencephalography Data to Assess Neuroplasticity
    Irán Román
  • Automatic Colorization with Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks
    Stephen Koo
  • Disney Characters: Classifying Commercial Merchandise based on Cartoon Characters
    Paula Kusumaputri, Edwin Park
  • DeepMammo
    Daniel Levy, Arzav Jain
  • Augmenting Nearest Neighbor-Based Algorithms with Siamese Neural Networks
    Gene Lewis, Wilbur Yang
  • Traffic Sign Detection Using You Only Look Once Framework
    Royce Cheng-Yue, Chung Yu Wang
  • ResFuse and RefiNets: Enhanced CNN architectures for image classification
    Frederic Ren, Allen Nie, Nihit Desai
  • Predict attribute labels for restaurants using user-submitted photos
    Shubham Gupta, Vinaya Polamreddi
  • Using Convolutional Neural Networks to demystify aesthetic works of art
    Pujun Bhatnagar
  • Let Blind People See: Real-Time Visual Recognition with Results Converted to 3-D Audio
    Rui (Forest) Jiang, Qian Lin, Shuhui Qu
  • Lip-Reading with CNNs and LSTMs
    Sameep Bagadia, Amit Garg, Jonathan Noyola
  • Tracking a Parking Lot’s Empty Spaces Without Sensors
    Jordan Cazamias, Martina Marek
  • Detecting and Classifying Lung Nodules in Chest Radiographs
    Isabel Bush
  • Multi-Frame Video Super Resolution using Deep Convolutional Networks
    Alex Greaves, Hanna Winter
  • Facial Affect Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks
    Sherrie Wang
  • Solving human psychophysics tasks with 3D convolutional neural networks
    Daniel Birman, Dylan Cable
  • Predicting future optical flow from static video frames
    Pol Rosello
  • Neural Networks with Input Specified Thresholds
    Fei Liu, Junyang Qian
  • Recognizing Handwritten Japanese Characters Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
    Charlie Tsai
  • 3D Object Classification using Shape Distributions and Deep Learning
    Melvin Low
  • Improving the adversarial robustness of Convnets
    Akash Maharaj
  • Playing Flappybird with Deep Reinforcement Learning
    Naveen Appiah Balaji, Sagar Vare
  • Neural Network for 3D object classification
    Lin Shao, Peng Xu
  • Facial Expression Recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks
    Vivek Choksi, Arushi Raghuvanshi
  • Quantifying Mammalian Learning: Large-Scale Detection of Dendritic Spines
    Seth Hildick-Smith, Ivaylo Bahtchevanov , John Lambert
  • Intelligent coloring of greyscale images using CNNs
    Tian Zhao, Ross Daly
  • Convolutional Neural Networks for Facial Age and Gender Prediction
    Ari Ekmekji
  • ambience_is_classy or good_for_kids? : Yelp Restaurant Classification Challenge
    Jee Ian Tam
  • Understanding Visual Art with CNNs
    Michael Baumer
  • Action Recognition and Detection Using CNNs and LSTMs
    Helen Jiang, Gary Thung
  • Facial keypoints detection using Neural Network
    Chenyue Meng, Shutong Zhang
  • Near Real-Time Super-Resolution Video
    David Zeng
  • Transforming How We Diagnose Heart Disease Using Convolutional Neural Networks
    Viswajith Venugopal, Swaroop Ramaswamy
  • Improving image feature representations with noisy similarity of text captions
    Dan Iter
  • A Recurrent Neural Game Engine
    David Gottlieb
  • Playing Tetris with Deep Reinforcement Learning
    Matt Stevens, Sabeek Pradhan
  • Quantifying Invariance in Convolutional Neural Networks
    Eric Kauderer-Abrams
  • Yelp Restaurant Photo Classification
    Jade Huang
  • Diagnosis of Heart Disease via CNNs
    Yanyang Kong, Kaicheng Wang
  • Single Image Depth Prediction Using Convolutional Neural Networks
    Ralph Ma, Jack Zhu
  • Read my Hands: Translating American Sign Language to Text
    Sigberto Alarcon Viesca, Brandon Garcia
  • Game playing using recurrent neural networks
    Nic Zhang
  • Fully Connected Convolutional Neural Networks for Lung Tumor Segmentation
    Austin Ray
  • Residual Networks for Tiny ImageNet
    Hansohl Kim
  • Facial Expression Recognition
    Hsiao Chen Chang, Emilien Dupont, William Zhang
  • Geolocalization of Street View Images: From Pixels to Places
    Blake Wulfe, David Hershey
  • Classifying Restaurant Attributes With Deep Learning
    Pedro Garzon, Diveesh Singh
  • Abstract concept & emotion detection of tagged images with CNNs
    Youssef Ahres, Nikolaus Volk
  • Convolutional Neural Networks for Facial Expression Recognition
    Azar Fazel, Shima Alizadeh
  • Facial Emotion Recognition in Real Time
    Dan Duncan, Chris English, Gautam Shine
  • A New Algorithm for Fully Automatic Brain Tumor Segmentation with 3-D Convolutional Neural Networks
    Christopher Elamri, Teun de Planque
  • Fast Unsupervised Object Localization
    Mihir Mongia, deepak menghani, Anjan Dwaraknath
  • Facial Keypoint Detection
    Shayne Longpre, Ajay Sohmshetty
  • Cardiovascular Edge Detection using Neural Networks
    Gabriel Maher
  • Convolution Neural Networks for Chinese Handwriting Recognition
    Xu Chen
  • Music Structure Segmentation with Convolutional Neural Networks
    Tim O’Brien
  • Facial Expression Recognition with Selected Partial Facial Feature Using CNN
    Yang Li, Chenjie Yang , Weier Wan
  • Brain tumour segmentation from MRI
    Raunaq Rewari
  • Nighttime Light Predictions from Satellite Imagery
    Rachel Luo, Neal Jean, Jake Kim
  • Coloring Grayscale image
    Vivek Bagaria, Kedar Tatwawadi
  • Yelp Restaurant Photo Classification: MIML Approach with CNNs
    Raghav Gupta, Pulkit Agrawal
  • Pedestrian Attribute Detection using CNN
    Agrim Gupta, Jayanth Ramesh
  • Multiple Object Recognition with Focusing and Blurring
    Holly Chiang, Yifan Ge, Connie Wu
  • Image Captioning with Attention
    Ye Tian, Tianlun Li
  • Machine Cashier
    Roy Chan
  • Tractable Neural Networks for Identity Recognition
    David Eng, Jenny Hong
  • Models of Attention for Video Captioning
    Dieterich Lawson, Blaine Rister
  • Geolocating Images: Where in the world was this taken?
    Angela Sy, Cynthia Day
  • Flower Taxonomic Classification using CNNs
    Xavier Mignot, Maxwell Siegelman
  • Convolutional Neural Networks for Estimating Left Ventricular Volume
    Ryan Silva, Maksim Korolev
  • Going Deeper on the Tiny Imagenet Challenge
    Andrew Zhai
  • Tiny ImageNet Visual Recognition Challenge
    Anna Shcherbina
  • Convolutional Neural Network for Traditional Chinese Calligraphy Recognition
    Boqi Li
  • Image Detection Techniques on the Daimler Monocular Pedestrian Detection Benchmark Data
    Christopher Ling
  • Study of Residual Networks for Image Recognition
    Mohammad Sadegh Ebrahimi, Hossein Karkeh Abadi
  • Using Convolutional Neural Network for the Tiny ImageNet Challenge
    Jason Ting
  • Neurofusion: Fusing MEG and EEG Data
    Paul Warren
  • Virtual art museum
    Manikanta Kotaru, Varun Vijay Kumar
  • Concept Learning on Yelp Restaurant Classification
    Shenxiu Liu, Haoming Li
  • Apparel classification using CNNs
    Rohit Patki, Suhas Suresha
  • A network combination of ResNet and GoogLeNet to tackle Tiny ImageNet
    William Shen
  • Yelp Restaurant Photo Classification Challenge
    Rajarshi Roy
  • Application of Convoluted Neural Networks for Pedestrian Detection
    Anil Variyar
  • Classifying Restaurants with Yelp Photos
    Mike Yu, Emma Marriott, Aaron Zweig
  • Tiny ImageNet Challenge
    Vani Khosla
  • Identifying the Higgs Boson
    Anton Apostolatos, Leonard Bronner
  • Logo Recognition in Real World Images
    Naveen Arivazhagan