d187: Deep Learning for Computer Vision Barcelona (slides + videos)


Lecture Slides and Videos

Topic Speaker Slideshare YouTube
D1L1 Welcome XG Slides
D1L2 Classification EM Slides
D1L3 Deep networks ES Slides
D1L4 Backward Propagation ES Slides Video
D1L5 Training EM Slides
D1L6 Software Frameworks KM Slides Video
D2L1 Memory & Computation KM Slides Video
D2L2 Data Augmentation EM Slides
D2L3 Visualization AS Slides Video
D2L4 Imagenet Challenge XG Slides
D2L5 Transfer & Adaptation KM Slides Video
D2L6 Recurrent Networks XG Slides Video
D3L1 Unsupervised Learning KM Slides Video
D3L2 Saliency Prediction ES Slides
D3L3 Optimization KM Slides
D3L4 Object Detection AS Slides Video
D3L5 Face Recognition ES Slides Video
D3L6 Image retrieval EM Slides Video
D4L1 Generative Models KM Slides
D4L2 Segmentation AS Slides Video
D4L3 Language and Vision XG Slides Video
D4L4 Video Analytics XG Slides Video
D4L5 Medical Imaging ES Slides Video
D4L6 Attention Models AS Slides Video
D5L Closing XG Slides


D1T Linear regressor Slides
D2T Clustering Slides
D3T Neuron & Tensorboard Slides
D4T CNN & SLIM Slides
D5T RNN Slides

The full course with code snippets is available in this repo.

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