d123: CPSC340 2012 by Nando de Freitas


About the course

The analysis of data (Biological signals, music, images, video, customer reviews, webpages, medical records, software, game logs, social networks, environmental signals, astro-data, neuron spikes, etc.) is an important research and development frontier. This frontier is expanding vastly thanks to new developments in mathematical modelling, algorithms, data management and computing infrastucture. It is having a profound impact not only in science and medicine, but also in e-commerce, marketing, business and society at large. Inference and learning with massive datasets is also the key ingredient of the intelligent machines of the future.This course will provide an introduction to this exciting growing field. It will teach the basic principles and skills required for analysing data in a principled way: finding statistical patterns, dimensionality reduction, clustering, classification and prediction. Students will also have the opportunity of learning Python, a widely used programming language.

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